IPhone Gets 1015 Error After Restoring iTunes

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I get 1015 error after restoring iTunes.

I'm having this problem ever since I did a Jailbrake to my iPhone.

How can I resolve this issue?

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IPhone Gets 1015 Error After Restoring iTunes


When you try to downgrade your iOS device to the older version, you will most likely to receive this error.

This occur when trying to restore it using the .ipsw file wherein downgrading to the previous software version is not supported.

To fix this, restore your iOS device to the latest version. And also, this will also incur when there is a unauthorized iOS revision occurred and when you attempt to restore it with an authorized default mode. And sometimes this also occurs due to a hardware issue and needed services.

When you got the iPad BB, the only method you can do is to restore using a custom IPSW from pwnage tool. If you are using a Mac PC, download and make a custom IPSW and restore it. Ensure that you are on DFU mode when you already have your custom IPSW. And then restore through iTunes.

If you created a custom IPSW is 4.1, you need your SHSHs saved. So check if you have it.

If you don't have it, you will need to make a 4.2.1 custom IPSW.


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IPhone Gets 1015 Error After Restoring iTunes


Hi Adriel,

In iPhone devices error 1015 is a very common issue found and specifically among jailbreak iPhone devices.

Good news is a very simple solution available to resolve it in few minutes time.

Please follow below steps to resolve error 1015:

If you get below error pop up then click on "OK" button to close it and proceed ahead:





Windows Users:

Step1: Firstly click on start menu  > locate notepad application  > right-click on it  > click to "Run as administrator" (specifically for Windows VISTA or Windows 7 OS for rest you can directly open notepad with left click).

Step2: Enter administrator password if asked for.

Step3: Within Notepad click on File menu  > Open  > browser to find Hosts file in folder path "C:WindowsSystem32driversetc. Select the hosts file.
 Note: If notepad doesn't display hosts file then in open file dialog box select "All files" option (instead of "Files Documents *.txt")

Step4: Onec hosts file is open in notepad add a line gs.apple.com at the end of file (if you already have a line "gs.apple.com" in it then delete it) save it and exit from notepad


Mac users:

Step1: Please start terminal window, enter the following command and press enter key: "sudo / Applications / TextEdit.app / Contents / MacOS / TextEdit / etc / hosts" (please put in administrator password if required)

Step2: In the Hosts file, please insert line gs.apple.com at the end (if you already have a line "gs.apple.com" in it then delete it). Save the file and exit TextEdit.

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