IPhone Audio Playback Technology Software

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I need advices or suggestions on what should I choose in terms of Audio playback technology on using my iPhone.

There is a lot of software to choose from but I want the best and want to know why it is the best because I heard some of them is not working perfectly.

Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

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IPhone Audio Playback Technology Software


Hay Stephanie

I want to brief the features of Audio Playback Technologies Now

There are Four Technologies

Audio Queue Services: A fast Controlling Technology performs everything CAPI, cluttered to work with. Call backs, buckets and pain

Audio Toolbox: This Technology is simple and excellent for playing sound Effects applications

AV Audio player: A technology which cooperates compressed audio with easy wrapper. With it you can play more than one instance of the similar sample without any difficulty at once. (Non-compressed audio only, as there is only one HW audio decoder). But it could be a trouble if you play a sound with AVAudioPlayer give the impression to insulate about 20ms

Open AL: A straight technology which compromise between features and difficulties. You can play more than one sound in one time and the sound will not insulate. For this, you have to perform much work .

For your assistance I have written a sound engine with the name of FINCH

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IPhone Audio Playback Technology Software


I do not about the third party applications, but from my experience I will say that the built-in iPhone music player application that is called iPod is the best playback application for all the platforms.

The following are some of the reasons as to why I think it is the best:

  • It will enable you to create and edit playlists as you want.
  • With the player, you can be able to search all of your content.
  • You can control music playback with your voice by using the Voice Control tool.
  • You can use the player to create genius mixes.
  • The Audio content of the player can play in the background while you are using some other applications.
  • You can use to stream music to and from your iPhone with AirPlay as you want.

Clair Charles


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