IPhone 5s fingerprint scanner problem

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I have a second handed iPhone 5s and all of it features work fine except the screen is little shattered. I had setup a fingerprint scanner lock and I was happily using it. All of a sudden it stopped accepting my finger print access? Why is this happening? It is because of some damage because it fell from approximately 1 and a half meters? If it is because of any software problem then please mention it.

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IPhone 5s fingerprint scanner problem


Follow the steps below to reset the Touch ID for better accuracy readings of your fingerprint.  First try unlocking your phone with the Touch ID by pressing your finger quite hard on the Touch ID and also making sure that you use more of your finger, and not just the tip to unlock it.

  1. Once you have your phone unlocked, go to Settings > General
  2. Tap on the Touch ID & Passcode option and enter your numerical password if prompted
  3. Tap on the Touch ID Setting
  4. You will see a list of your registered fingerprints in the window that opens up.  Place a finger that has been registered on the Touch ID sensor and continue placing and lifting these fingers as often as you can and in differently placed positions of your finger.

The important thing about doing this is to move your finger, even if it’s only slightly, so that your fingerprint that gets registered has the best overall image.

When you are scanning your fingerprints, make sure that your finger touches the metal ring around the sensor.  This could cause errors in trying to recognize your fingerprint if you haven’t made contact with it. 

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