IPhone 3G unlocked to tmobile

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Under the settings/general/cellular data network tab there is VPN. What is a VPN? Does it have anything to do with MMS

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IPhone 3G unlocked to tmobile


Press the settings Icon. Then go to general. Then go to Network. Find the Cellular Data Network. If you want to enable 3G then press on the ‘On’ side of the 3G enable option. If you want to enable MMS, then scroll down and find MMS Option. Enter the following entry:

     APN: wap.voicestream.com

     MMSC: http://mms.MSG.eng.t-mobile.com


     Leave other options blank.

This is just an example of MMS setup. This addresses and number will be provided by your MMS service provider. After entering this number, turn off iPhone. Now, turn on the iPhone again. Go to the setting option.

Go to Messages option. Check that the MMS Messaging Option is enabled/ON. Now, go to your Photo/Photo Album.  Click/Press on a Photo. There will be a MMS option.

Press that & enter your destination phone number & press send. The MMS message will be sent.

Please note it takes hours for iPhone and MMS service to enable the messaging services, but it is possible to send messages just after MMS setup.

You can send a message now, but your friend will get the first mail few hours later. After the first time, every mail will go through quickly.

With the help of VPN option & VNC Console, you can use the iPhone as a remote control and control/use your PC or server. You also need to download and Install RDS Service/software from the Internet to your iPhone. C

onfigure it with your commuter’s ID/IP address. In iPhone, go to Settings. Press General, then Network > VPN >Add VPN Configuration > PPTP > in the description type BSL isleworth > In the server option, type bsl.myftp.org > In account option, type jmullins > in Password, type your password > Make sure that send all traffic is ON > Scroll to top and press the save button. Slide ‘On’ the VPN option. 

From the Main icons Find and press RDP > Press the power Icon. Connect to the desired server or desktop. Again, the account or net address is an example. You have to get your ID /password or other info from


Crawly Math

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IPhone 3G unlocked to tmobile


VPN, referred to in full as the Virtual Private Network is an important feature found on the iPhone 3g, and it help the iphone users to get a vpn.

It is important because the security on the web always gets worse and worse as the years go by for there are intruders and identity thieves who always get smarter day in and out.  

Identity theft is one big problem that has to be dealt with, and will  always seems like will always happen to someone else, but then one day you find out that it happens to you for instance when someone charges you a tremendous amount of money for an activity like of War craft gaming site.

So the idea of the virtual private network for your iphone 3g  is to make sure that such kind of information is safe. 

The virtual private networks are the latest way that will be used to ensure that all of your passwords, online buying, banking transactions, and all that other sensitive information is that you use on the internet are safe and secure.

-Clair Charles

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