IPhone 3G freezes when I try to reset Apple logo

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My iPhone 3G freezes when I try to reset the Apple logo. I tried to fix this by holding down the power and home button but nothing happened except returning to Recovery mode. I don’t have warranty and I need my phone working again.

Please help a clueless person out. Thanks.

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IPhone 3G freezes when I try to reset Apple logo



Well, those Apple products are just mean Probably the best thing for you is to try to turn it off and on again (that’s the most often answer from the IT guys, because it is indeed the easiest way). If that doesn’t work, try to take the battery and blow it a little, because sometime the dust can enter in small holes in the battery and cause a problem like this.

Of course, you have to unplug the device from power in order to do this properly If that doesn’t work, the best solution is to reset the phone to the factory settings

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