IPhone 3 GS OS 4.2.1 is not able to update

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When I am connecting to iTunes, iTune is not able to find any updates hence I have downloaded the update file and tried to update with the downloaded file. But an error message is displayed which says that ‘It is not compatible’. Also, there is nothing shown after the message. I am sure about the downloaded update file as it is for 3 G S only.

I have also checked in the forum, but there is no information available. I am using HP 6830 which runs with Win – Vista and it has completed all updates.

Please help me to get out of this problem.

I will be thankful for all the help.

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IPhone 3 GS OS 4.2.1 is not able to update


If you have updated your iPhone, there might be a possibility that you have downloaded the wrong version of the file. I would say to download it again  but here are the possible solutions to this.

1. Download the file again as it might be the only reason that is causing the issue.
2. Download the latest iTunes.
3. Factory Restore your iphone to remove any extra features that might be causing the problem.
4. Change your host file by removing any line that looks like the following and replacing it with it.
5. # gs.apple.com

There is a problem that the "HASH #" sign is sometimes not before 74 so you should have to put it before 74 and it will definitely solve the issue for you.

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IPhone 3 GS OS 4.2.1 is not able to update


Great thanks a lot for sharing your expert knowledge.

Techyv is really a great place for finding solutions of this kind of problems.

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