IPad2 failed to load even without app selected

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Hey there guys, 

I have a problem with my iPad2. I'm not really sure when it began, but I think it started a week ago when I made some updates on my iPad2.

I don't remember if it's kill background or something else, but this app created a tiny button on the multitasking page that could remove all apps running in the background. I think it's the app that's making my iPad malfunction.

A dialog box pops up showing a message that goes something like, "Failed to load. The operation couldn't be completed." This shows up even when I haven't opened any app yet. That's what's confusing me. I have tried googling it, but I have found nothing helpful as of yet. All I've found so far is the error number, 1012. 

If anyone has come across an error like this, please share your experience.


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IPad2 failed to load even without app selected


Hi there!

I'll tell you to consider deleting the app that you think causes your problems? Then if so, is it working well? Well, When you need some help and or support with your iPad 2. You can try to reach/contact Apple Care For iPad 2 is Apple Support. You can contact them at these number 1-800-275-2273. Unlike other forms of support that I don’t want to try to contact, the team of experts over at Apple is good, of course because they specialize in their product. The time to wait for a respond for them would not be that bad, and when your iPad 2 ain't working right, they can definitely help you.

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