iPad error with parse server sending an unknown response

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Sometimes I have this kind of error when I want to install some games on my iPad. Sometimes it works but sometimes it don’t. This error appears only on games and I don’t have any problem installing apps. Can anyone help me please to fix this one ? Why I have this error only on games ?

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Parse Error

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iPad error with parse server sending an unknown response


If you only see this error when installing games on your iPad but not on ordinary apps then the game is probably not compatible with your device. When installing a game on your iPad, make sure to check the game’s supported operating system and device. If the required operating system is much higher than what your device is running on then updating your device to the latest iOS should fix the problem.

Also, since the error is saying something about the remote server sending an unknown response, it means the application or the game requires an internet connection and the error is probably caused by a problem in the connection. If this is the case, try checking for a stable connection. If you are playing an online game on your device, you really should have a fast and stable internet connection.

If you know the game is compatible with your device but it still doesn’t work, delete the game from your device and download the game again and then install it. See if this will work.

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