IP geeks, please help me on this!

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11)  We have a remote terminal connection that we use to access our server from an offsite place, I was troubleshooting a problem and I had set the IP address (statically) as its supposed to be, later on I found out that I was using the wrong IP address and I don’t know how yet I had connected to my sever and I even went through the Linux username prompt stage. We have the server IP address and the internet modem IP address. My problem is I can’t get my real IP address. I have entered the IP addresses to my Browser so that I can access the router and they both go through but there is something am not sure of,  am I on  giant network that’s why I have an IP address  or how is that set up.? 


Router IP and the internet Modem IP address) 55.55.555.51                                                        

The other IP address (WAN?) 55.55.555.52   

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IP geeks, please help me on this!



if you are connected to a false IP address and you get the logging screen too, that seems your network has several servers. I mean, if it is not your server your server has some additional IP address which you have to use while addressing your own IP.

You can get your own IP address by using CMD> ipconfig > Enter.

here you can see, your PC's IP address.

Try to connect this address using your network, and you will be fine with your login details.

Hope this helps.


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