Invalid System Disk error in laptop

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I have a HP Laptop at my home which is quite an old one.  Recently when I tried to turn on the laptop I have noticed a message which says, Invalid system disk. Upon receiving this message I have tried to enter into safe mode where it didn’t work. The computer is not letting me inside. Since this is an old laptop there is no support available for this one. So I am here looking out for some help from you guys. Will be thankful for your time.

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Invalid System Disk error in laptop


At this point of time, the main cause for this problem could be; the Hard Drive of the laptop that got physically damaged or some operating system file is corrupted or any important files are missing.

Since you have said that you use an old computer, I hope that you may have at least updated to XP and let me .give you some steps to solve this problem.

First thing we would do about this problem is, we need to get into the BIOS and check whether the HDD is detected. If yes, then we may say the problem is with the Operating system Files or with some part of the Hard Drive that holds the Operating system files gone bad.

To enter into BIOS, just restart ,your computer and start tapping the button F8 or Del or F2, based upon your system manufacturer who assigned the shortcut key. Once you are successful in entering into the BIOS page, use your computer keypad to navigate to Bootable Devices. There checkout whether and see if the Hard Drive of your laptop got detected .If yes, then we may go ahead and proceed recovering the lost or corrupted OS files.  If not, then you need to take it to a local technician who would help you to take a data backup and replace your Hard Disk.

As I said, if you have found the hard drive, we need to try repairing the Operating system. To do that, in the same bootable devices Tab area, make sure you select the CD drive to be the 1stbootable device, in order to boot from Operating system disk.

Kindly insert the OS Disk and restart the computer .Once when it is restarted, you may see a message asking you to press any key. For that kindly tap the Enter Key. Now it starts loading the entire system file and after that comes a screen, which asks whether you want to Repair install or fresh install. Press R to Select Repair install. The repair install will find out all the lost data and would automatically replace it.

Once when the process is completed the system would restart automatically and you may find the computer booting up.

So these are the two possibilities for this issue .Try this steps out and I'm sure you can fix the problem

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Invalid System Disk error in laptop


Hi Jamesfedric,

Hope that my message finds you well.

This message occurs for more than reason:

–       Maybe the OS failed after install.

–       Some of the hard component maybe replaced.

–       Maybe you install anti-virus.

–       And much more.

You should first check the above issues and if some of them occur you need to fix it.

Also you need to check your hard drive and motherboard if they are connected successfully and maybe some the cables that are connected to one of them need to be changed or fix.

I think because you have an old laptop the problem is in the hard component not the software.

Hope that this solution will help you.


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