Invalid Selection occurred when tried to add a game on GameRanger

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This error appears when I try to add a game GameRanger. I have verified the game and is compatible with GameRanger. Also I have selected the application (.exe) American Conquest: Fight Back and it seems it doesn’t want to work. Can anyone help me to fix this error please ? What could be the problem ?

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Invalid Selection

Please choose the game application for “American Conquest:Fight Back”.


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Invalid Selection occurred when tried to add a game on GameRanger


GameRanger was originally designed for Mac and was later added support for PC. It is an internet gaming service that is not limited or precisely web-based unlike other gaming services. When it was first released in July 1999 for Mac, it only supports eleven [11] game titles. As of today, GameRanger now supports more than six hundred [600] game titles and you can check the full list on GameRanger Supported Games.

If you’ll visit the page yourself, you will notice that your game “American Conquest: Fight Back” is included in the list which means the service supports the game. If the game doesn’t work with GameRanger even if it is supported, make sure the game is installed properly. First, to make sure you have the latest version, download GameRanger Game Service Client.

The latest version supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. For Mac, it supports all versions except the latest version Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. To use GameRanger, after installing it on your computer create a new account, activate it, and log in. After that you can start a new game by hosting it or join an existing game.

You can find and join an existing game by selecting a game room and clicking Join Game. But sometimes, there are games that don’t allow you to join if they have already started and you can check if the game is already playing if there is a green dot next to it.

Alternatively, if you can’t join a game just start and host your own game by clicking Host Game. If the game you want to start doesn’t work like in your case the game “American Conquest: Fight Back”, try reinstalling that game. Next, start GameRanger again and select the correct executable file of “American Conquest: Fight Back” to start the game.

Selecting the wrong EXE file will generate the same error message. You can check the correct executable of the game by viewing the Properties of the game’s shortcut in your desktop. See image.

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