Internet not working for desktop on linksys router

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Hi there!

I need a little help with my computer’s Internet connection.

I am currently running Windows 7 64-bit version.

I haven’t really had any trouble connecting to the Internet until I set the security of my Linksys router up; Now I could not connect to the network.

The thing is, there are other devices connected to the router such as two laptops, a desktop computer, a PlayStation 3, and two Smartphones and all of them connect to the Internet just fine.

The only one having limited access is me despite the indication of an excellent signal.

Can somebody explain what’s going on?

Thank you in advance.

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Internet not working for desktop on linksys router



There is nothing wrong with your PC or internet connection.

And also nothing wrong about work stations. So why is it happening?

May be it is because of your router connection. May be our router is not functioning well in these days.

Every router creates a routing table for every individual virtual router.

If there is a problem in creating routing table then that router creates this type of collision. In order to fix it you have to reset your router so that it can recreate its routing table again.

This is just one of the best ways for recovering.

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Internet not working for desktop on linksys router


My say to this, there is no problem with the Internet connection, router and or probably the desktop computer. This may caused by settings and or the possible connection through wired.

The best thing to check for limited connection is to check the wires connected. Unplugged and replugged cat5 cord connecting from the non-working desktop computer to the router.

Switch ends of cat5/rj45 cord and observe the Local Area Connection if it changes the status from Limited or no Connectivity to Network/Connected. Try different Cat5 cord and or plugged the cord in different slots of the router.

If this doesn't make any difference, try the following steps listed below;

Go to Start then StartSearch

Type CMD and press enter

On the command prompt window

Type netsch winsock reset

Press enter and restart the computer

Go to Start, then Control Panel

Click on Network and Internet

Then Network and Sharing Center

Look for Change Adapter Settings

Then right click Local Area Connection

Left click Properties then highlight Internet Protocol IPv4

Click Properties then set to Obtain IP Address/ DNS automatically

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Internet not working for desktop on linksys router


When you say you set the security of the router up, what exactly do you mean?

Did you enable additional security settings like MAC address filters and higher wireless encryptions? If you enabled MAC address filters, make sure your computer's wireless physical address, or MAC address, has been added to the allowed devices list.

If you have changed the network security, make sure this is also reflected in your computer's wireless network profile.

If your wireless network profile has not been updated, then it will not be able to connect.

You can either edit the profile and set the right security on the network used as well as the network key if you've changed it, or you can delete the current profile saved on your network and connect to the network again so that a fresh profile is created with new network information.

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Internet not working for desktop on linksys router


Hi Erica Byrd,

Welcome to

For us to provide you the exact solution of your problem, please give us an idea of the network setup you have.

1. What is the model number of your Linksys router?

2. As mentioned, the problem happened after you changed the security of the router. Do you mean after you changed the "wireless security" of your network?

3. The Windows 7 64-bit version computer you mentioned that could no longer connect to the network, is this a laptop that has a built-in 802.11 wireless card or a wireless desktop computer that uses an external wireless adapter/card? Kindly also give us the model of the wireless adapter/card of the computer.

For example ( Atheros AR5XXX 802.11 a/b/g wlan, Broadcom 802.11 a/b/g wireless network adapters )

Steps on how to check the wireless card of your computer.

           1. Click on the Windows Orb or the Start Menu.

           2. Open Control Panel and click on System and Security.

           3. Go to System and click on Device Manager.

           4. Under Device Manager, look for Network Adapters and then expand it. You should be able to see the model of the wireless card of your computer.

Now you said that other devices are still working fine wirelessly to your network and it’s only this computer that’s getting a “limited access".

Getting a “LIMITED ACCESS “on a wireless connection is a result of some technical glitches or configuration setup problem. This causes your computer to connect to the wireless network but could not obtain an IP address automatically. Normally, your wireless connections IP address is an invalid one or a self-assigned IP address (169.254.x.x).  This could be due to the security settings that you had made on your network to which your computer wireless card could not authenticate. Normally, this happens if you're going to setup the wireless security of your router to a high security encryption such as WPA2 Personal, and your computers built-in wireless adapter/card driver is not fully updated. In such cases, your computer will only connect to a wireless network that uses WPA Personal, WEP and Disabled/Unsecured wireless networks. Other causes of this connection problem are the wireless channel that was setup on your router.

You can actually try these troubleshooting steps.

1. On your computer, click on the wireless icon on your system tray and open Network and Sharing Center. 

2. Click on the Manage wireless networks and Remove your preferred networks under Networks you can View and Modify.

3. Go back to Network and Sharing Center and Go to Change Adapter Settings.

4. From there, disable and re-enable your wireless network connection. If you computer has a wireless switch, you can also turn Off and On the wireless switch, its the same as disabling and re-enabling your wireless network connection.

5. Now reconnect to your wireless network and type in your network security key or passphrase.

Note: your network security key is case sensitive.

6. Observe the wireless network connection and check if it will obtain a valid IP address and not a self-assigned one which would result to a limited access.

If it still results to limited access, then we need to do more advance troubleshooting steps.

1. Connect your computer to the Linksys router using an Ethernet cable. Plug one end to your computer and the other end to any available LAN port of your Linksys router. Try to check if your computer gets internet connection that way.

4. If it does connect to the internet, try to check the IPv4 address your getting on your local area connection.

    Here's how to check the IP address.

       4.1. Open CMD and on the command prompt window, type ipconfig/all

       4.2. Look for the “Ethernet adapter local area connection” and take note of the IPv4 default gateway.

    Another way to check the IPv4 address is through “Network and Internet – Network connection details.


On the picture, the IPv4 default gateway i'm using is

5. Assuming that we are already online wired to the router, the next step is to update the driver of the wireless card of your computer. With Windows Vista and Windows 7, you will have the option to automatically let windows search for the updated driver software over the internet or locate the driver software from the adapters website, saved it on your computer and update the wireless adapter manually.

6. After the driver software update and its still getting a limited access, we will now access the setup page of your linksys router and change some settings.

5. On the address bar of your internet browser, type in the IPv4 default gateway you took note earlier. A pop-up window will appear asking for a username and password. Just leave the username blank and type in admin on the password field and its should redirect you to the linksys setup page.

7. Once you are already on the user interface of the router, click on wireless tab and change the configuration view to manual. If the channel that was set on the router is auto, change it to channel 9 and save the settings.

8. Try to turn off and on again the wireless switch of your computer or disable and re-enable the wireless connection. This time, you computer should be able to connect and obtain an ip address from your router.

Please update us if there are any changes after you have done the troubleshooting.




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