Internet Download Manager repeats the download

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I have a problem with my Internet Download Manager. There are some videos that I try to download online that doesn't have the resume capability, but when I download some of the files it just keeps starting and starting. I tried re-downloading the file and it got up to 20% but then started again. Is there any other way to fix this? or should I just download from another source?

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Internet Download Manager repeats the download



The first thing to check with these types of problems is your internet connection.

Since the file which you are downloading does not have the resume capability or does not allow to be resumed, naturally it will start over if your internet connection was interrupted or disconnected even for a few seconds.
Make sure you have a stable, uninterrupted internet connection.

  • Secondly, instead or re-downloading, delete the file from the Queues list of Internet Download Manager and download it again from the source.
  • Third, you may also want to delete temporary internet files and cache before downloading the file again. Some of the temporary files may have been corrupted during the transfer and causing errors to the download process. Use CCleaner to do this job, since it can delete temporary files faster and efficiently.
  • Fourth, use your browser instead. I assume that what you are downloading can be accessed by a browser, then just use your browser to download the file instead of using IDM. The browser may offer a more stable downloading but can be much slower.

To download with just the browser, check the settings of your IDM if there is a custom key configured.

  • Open Internet Download Manager
  • Select the General tab
  • Below, beside the “Customize keys to prevent or force downloading with IDM”  press the Keys… button
  • A new dialog box should appear
  • Put a check mark on the “Use the following key(s) to prevent downloading with IDM for any links:”
  • Then put a check mark on the specific key your want to use.
  • Press OK.

Now restart your bowser and download again. This time make use of the key you set earlier in the Options of IDM to prevent IDM from taking over the download.

  • Fifth, if all else fails then Yes, just download is from another source.


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Internet Download Manager repeats the download


Hi John,

To keep this problem often, this is should be the solutions for your problem. You have to un install your recent Internet Download Manager if you got some problems of downloading a files from internet. It might be the cause of viruses found in your computer that you never know. Here's some steps on how to update the Internet Download Manager Application version 5.18. First, Run the application then Click Help menu. Second, It's possible to update IDM extension. Just Click Tools and Click add-ons and then click install to be able to modify the newest Version of IDM. Hope this solution will help you fix your problem.



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