Internet Download Manager and Mozilla Firefox 4.0

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Good evening everyone.

I'm having a problem with Mozilla Firefox. I just updated my Mozilla browser to  Firefox 4.0 unfortunately some things I cannot do unlike the previous version. I have installed Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) in my desktop but after upgrading to Firefox 4.0 it seems that it cannot download anything directly from the browser.

Usually I can download video such as youtube directly from Firefox using IDM but now it's not working. Not only videos but I can't download music as well. Does anyone know if IDM supporting Firefox 4.0 yet or Firefox 4.0 release an add-on for IDM ? I don't want to remove Firefox 4.0 and re-installed the Firefox 3.6.x version. I'm quite happy using it actually. But I don't want to lose ability of using IDM as well.  Can I use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 with IDM ? Any suggestions or ideas would be very much welcome.



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Internet Download Manager and Mozilla Firefox 4.0


Hello Larry Poulsen!

Since Mozilla has made the update many of us by now have upgraded our browsers. I know that it is more convenient to have IDM directly pick up links and start downloading the video’s and music you would want. Firefox just upgraded their browser to make it better than the other web browsers. Anyways, let us go ahead and try some solutions that may help resolve your current problem.

Here are some solutions that are helpful and should be tried out:

1. You mentioned that you can directly download from the websites before you upgraded your browser? When you installed IDM it gave you an option of integrating IDM with your web browser right? This is one the most important things to know about grabbing links. The integration of IDM to your web browser allows it to grab links. You can re-install IDM again to let it detect your newly upgraded browser.

2. The previous versions of Mozilla Firefox have been set to integrate with IDM during installation. You are just experiencing an “Integration” problem. Go to your Mozilla Firefox add-ons page and download the Flashgot Add-on for your web browser. After installing the add-on you will need to restart the browser. Now go to Tools>Flashgot>More Options>General Tab. The computer will then show a drop down box where you can choose a download manager (If IDM is pre-installed it will be on the drop down box at default). In the case that you may also have other download managers installed, you can select the download manager you would want to be integrated to your web browser.

3. To answer your question regarding Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 with IDM. Yes you may use other web browsers. But some of the web browsers cannot automatically be detected by your IDM program. For Google Chrome you first need to open your Internet Download Manager. Then click on “downloads” from the menu bar and click on options. It will then take you to the Internet Download Manager Configuration table. In the General tab you will see that the “Use advanced browser integration” box is unchecked. Check the box, after checking the box you will then be prompted to reboot your system. Click “Yes”. Once your computer is done restarting, Do not! Open Google Chrome just yet. Open your Internet Download Manager Configuration table again. When in the General tab again, Check the “Detect new applications that try to download files from the internet” box. You will then be asked to restart IDM. After you have restarted IDM, you will now see in your IDM Configuration that Google Chrome has been added to your browser list. From that point you may now open your Google Chrome browser and start downloading videos and music directly from websites.

4. You have many choices to select when selecting a web browser that fits you best. You may select other web browsers asides from Mozilla Firefox which are automatically integrated without even having to reinstall your internet download manager.

5. in case your still having problems with the new upgrade of your web browser. It is also a good choice to system restore your system to go back to your old settings. It may also be more convenient for you as you said that mozilla firefox was still integrated with your previous version. It may be a downgrade but whichever you feel most comfortable with will give you better results.

I hope that some of these solutions have helped you with your problem. I also do hope that I got to answer your question about the other web browsers.

Good luck! And when it comes to selecting which web browser is best. Choose the one your most comfortable with. Happy Surfing!

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