Intermittent Connection Issue with Wireless Router

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I am using router for wireless access on a building with several floors. I have routers in each floor connected to the basement as main server.  Recently, I am having intermittent connections issues with those routers.  Can you please send any suggestions that will help me resolve my problem?

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Intermittent Connection Issue with Wireless Router


Multiple routers connected to the modem are often the cause of the Intermittent connection. However, this doesn't mean this type of connection will not work and it will forever encounter intermittent connection.

There are remedies to make this type of connection will work with less interruptions. First, the connection has to be completely secured, modem-router-to-another-router attached.

The Cat5 cord has to be secured on all devices connected to the network.

Power off modem, routers.
Secure Cat5 cord on each floors.
Power back the modem then router on each floors.
Observe your Internet connection
If it does happen again, contact your ISP.
Let them run a line test to check for power signal issues.
Request for technical dispatch for possible cable or DSL line problem

Make sure, the settings on every router connected are correct. If you assigned an IP Address on each floors, make sure this is unique on each computers attached. Router has to be on the correct settings, DHCP, PPPOE or Static IP Address. Update the settings and save the changes.

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