‘Intel desktop utilities’ software showed an error

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Hello all,

Recently, my ‘Intel desktop utilities’ software showed an error (left side of the picture) and when I opened the program for details, I get these details (right side of the picture).

Intel desktop Utilities

Warning Message

Time: 01-Jun-12 2:44:05 PM

[+3.3V] out of recommend range. (3.600V)


Can anyone tell me what’s wrong and what should I do?

Thanks a bunch.

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‘Intel desktop utilities’ software showed an error



The problem is that the voltage has crossed the optimum range. It should not cross +3.3V but in your case it is +3.87V. In order to verify that this is true, take a multimeter and check the voltage across the red and yellow wires on your CD/DVD case.

Power Supply Units

If it is truly more than 3.3V then you need to buy a good power supply unit.

This problem occurs when the power supply unit outputs more voltage than required. This can damage the components on the motherboard. So take the test and change your power supply unit as soon as possible.

Hope this information helps you.

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