Integrating electronic mail history: Is it possible?

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I am using Mac email server and I need to reduce my mail size since my server is school-hosted and can only carry X amount of data. I saved the data in my external storage device in different folders in their respective filing.

My question for you: Is Apple’s cloud computing software able to maintain and keep these data and eventually integrate so that another Apple user may get these data in Apple’s mail server?

I would like to know this as soon as possible so I ask anyone who has an idea on this.

Thank you so much!

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Integrating electronic mail history: Is it possible?


Hi Genesis,

Apple’s iCloud works in such a way that, if you have your Apple ID and uses a Mac computer you can save your information on the server. You can access it and synch your other devices like iPhone or iPad. It will only synch up though if you have the iCloud option enabled and all devices uses the same Apple ID. It is advisable though to have different apple id for every device on your network so as to not synch all information on different devices.

Another person would not be able to access your emails on Apple iCloud unless you have provided them your Apple ID and password.



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