Installing Microsoft CRM 3.0 Error Groups Does not exist

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I have made a fresh install of CRM 3.0. I am getting the following error while checking the list of requirements before setup will continue:

One more Microsoft CRM groups do not exist

I made this installation that setup the group automatically. And I have made a wrong. Then I have read the CRM requires doc’s for 4 groups. (PriUserGroup, SQLAccessGroup, UserGroup, ReportingGroup).

After opened the Active Directory I add those 4 groups manually to the local domain but I got the same message after trying to re-install.

I think I have to move the group in a specified directory on the control of my domain. (ie: in "MyBusiness" or "MyBusiness/SecurityGroups" etc). But I have no idea where or if this is right.

So help needed. Thanks

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Installing Microsoft CRM 3.0 Error Groups Does not exist



Try the current values in the database with CRM 3.0 and you will get an option i.e recovery/install. remember you can't install a fresh unlike database CRM 4/2011. for more steps and requirements for CRM 3.0 go to this website:

here are four security groups that you must have created in active Directory before using the precreate groups options in the Microsoft CRM setup config file.

  1. PrivUserGroup
  2. SQLAccessGroup
  3. UserGroup
  4. ReportingGroup

taking that into account participate in the following steps:

  1. In the OnSave event send the request and then stop saving the form by setting event.returnValue = false.
  2. In your onreadystatechangefunction receive the data, analyze it and then save the form using Save() or Save And Close() in your code or don't save it based on this analysis.
  3. The only thing you have to consider is that saving the form in this way will again fire the event. To avoid an infinite loop you have to set some kind of flag and analyze it before firing the request.


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