Installing IDE Hard Drives for computer

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What is IDE Hard Drives? 

There are how many types of IDE Hard Drives?

Is it very difficult to install these drives?

Do I need to hire an expert to install IDE Hard Drives?

What does it mean by Master and Slave?

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Installing IDE Hard Drives for computer


IDE stands for "Integrated Drive Electronics" is the base term defining IDE. In 1986 It was firstly use of Compaq computers by Western Digital. It means that in the hard drive the electronic controller integrates itself. Hard drive contains the hard disk and stores your data. The IDE makes the drives be more flexible and standardized. A disk that stores the data is placed inside a solid encasement. Data can be accessed from any part of the drive immediately; because this disk rotates with the speed of almost 5400 or 7200 RPM. It stores the data permanently by using magnetic technique. So data keep stored on the drive even after the power supply is turned off.

There are two types of “IDE hard drives” which are 40pins and 80pins IDE hard drive. It is very easy to use hard drive as master or slave by adjusting the IDE hard drive jumper settings. Regarding Master and Slave Configuring an IDE drive requires very little skill; there are only a few things to know. The controller will allow two devices on the cable.

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Installing IDE Hard Drives for computer

  • Before All This I  Want To Provide You Some INFO !
  • Parallel ATA (PATA) is an obsolete interface standard for the connection of storage devices such as hard disks, solid-state drives, and CD-ROM drives in computers.
  • It's Not Difficult to Install The Hard Drive But It's Recommended That You Should Choose The Hardware Technicals
  • Master means When You're Using Only 1 Hard Drive At Your System .. Then it Will Be Supposed As your Master Drive!
  • But If You're Using The 2 Hard Drives at your System Then They Will Be Slave!

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