Installation Of vSphere Client Integration Plug-In

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What exactly is the use of a vSphere client integration plug-in? What procedure needs to be followed to install it? I had previously tried downloading it, but it did not work so I am a bit confused whether I followed the correct steps or not.

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Installation Of vSphere Client Integration Plug-In


Hi. vSphere client integration plug-in is basically used to access some of the vSphere infrastructure tasks as and when needed by us. The Client Integration Plug-in can also be used for deploying OVF and OVA templates and for transferring files stored in the data store browser. Also, if you wish to log in to vSphere client by using your Windows session credentials, the client plug-in will enable you to do so. Next, talking about the installation part, three steps need to be followed:

1) For all Internet Explorer browsers, the Internet Protected Mode should be disabled because IE identifies the plug-in being present on the internet and not on the local intranet due to which the plug-in is not installed properly. For this:

– After opening the browser, click on Tools, then Internet Options.

– Click on the Security tab and disable protected mode by deselecting Enable protected mode option for the internet and local intranet.

2) To download the plug-in, click on a client integration plug-in link. -Open the browser and after you enter the URL of the vSphere client, a login page for the same will open up at the bottom of which you will find the option to download the client integration plug-in.

3) In case, the installation gets blocked by your browser, then follow the help guide for the browser so as to solve the issue.

4) After you are done installing the plug-in, restart your browser.

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