Installation failed when using antiX2usb

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With the 3 image max issue, here is what the error window looks like Installation failed. I am not familiar with this issue so I am looking for an expert’s advice with a proper solution to fix this issue as soon as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for everything.

Antix2usb Installation failed.


Select ISO file



Installation failed.

Look at /tmp/antix2usb.log for error.

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Installation failed when using antiX2usb


Hello there!!

After scrolling over your problem i came to the solution that, your advance boot loader of the OS update that you are going to make as live bootable has got distorted. As after selecting the proper .iso file you are not able to make the complete easy installation. So there can be the .iso image issue also, either the image file has been damaged or the the standard partition that you want to install the boot loader is not getting mounted. So try to first mount the partition where you want to install the boot loader and then try to install it, it will be installed.

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