Insert CDROM with the Virtual Truck Program

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I have this negligible but irritating problem. When I start up the computer, an error message appears:
Insert CDROM
Please insert your CDROM with the Virtual Truck program, Looking for a file:

Sometime ago, I tried installing a broadband USB to a network cable adapter item. There I used an older 'ntl:' disk but I could not complete the installation (mainly because i couldn't) when it had requested me to reboot, I stopped its installation.

I thought that after the reboot, it would try and carry on but I gave up since it was not working. Now this message always displays and I’ve bored setting the disk in and proceeded with the installation but I have no faith. Then I canceled it and I thought it would work if I start up the computer the next time.

I want to get free from this error.

Any help will be appreciated.

I have attached a screenshot of the error

Looking for a file Truck Program
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Insert CDROM with the Virtual Truck Program


This problem may be caused by something that was placed in by the installer. One way of solving this would be by locating the entry and removing it. You could do this by launching system configuration utility simply by typing in MSCONFIG after clicking on the start button. Under the services section you should find the service that calls the command and clear its check box if it is checked. Restart your system after this and your problem should have gone away.

If that didn’t work then you could try logging on to the computer using an account that has administrator rights and selecting the start button and they are keying in “msconfig.exe” on the search bar at the start button, if you have an admin password you will be prompted for it and you must type it in to continue, if you don’t simply click on continue to forge ahead. Under the general tab, select “selective startup” and the clear the load startup item's checkbox (use original boot.ini check box should be unavailable).

Under the services tab, disable all Microsoft services by selecting the hide all Microsoft services checkbox, this is actually to let all Microsoft services continue to run. Such services include Networking, pin-up, event logging etc.. If you do disable these services there is a very real likelihood of deleting important data such as restore points. Therefore do not do this if you intend to use the system restore utility, especially with existing restore points. Select Ok and then reboots

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