INS0009 Unable to connect to the database

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I wanted to delete unauthorized users and workspace in Oracle. I am using Oracle Repository Assistant Version 11.2. All owners of workspace and admin users are known and all their usernames and passwords are kept tracked. An error occurred while trying to delete those unwanted users and workspaces. It says: “INS0009: Unable to connect to the database using user <username>. java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01017 invalid username/password;logon denied.” I tried making new user accounts and workspaces without using a password but I found out that a default password was set for me so that every time I created a user, it will be protected by that password. It is a good thing though. But the bad thing is I don’t know what the password is and I could not delete users without that password. What should I do?

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INS0009 Unable to connect to the database


The problem may be occurring because:

You may be using the wrong sys password. You may be using doing the following: the password you are using to logon in sql plus is not right (sqlplus sys/<password>@orcl as sysdba), and therefore you will need to alter the password for the user sys and see if that will solve the problem.

You may also need to give the host a certain name in the tns file, for instance, in case the host name that is being used is, you may give the same name ( to the Repository Assistant, otherwise the name will be the local host in TNS file, and therefore you will need to give it as local host in the Repository Assistance.

-Clair Charles


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