Inherit permission with Share point.

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There is a folder named as ‘Doc1’ and saved it in ‘MyDocLib’. It is having inherited permission and user1 can access the Doc1. When I am cancelled the inherit permission the access was disabled to the user1. I had not removed any permission from the list and simply stop it. What will be the problem? Kindly help me to get out of this problem. Thanks in advance.

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Inherit permission with Share point.

A permission stage allows you to assign a certain established associated with permissions to consumers and SharePoint groups in order to perform specific steps in your site. Through creating new permission amounts (or perhaps modifying being agreement amounts) using the read write necessary to carry out common tasks, you can associate a suitable authorization stage using the users or even SharePoint teams for that securable object in that you simply want to permit these people to execute these actions. 
The following permission amounts are usually given by default: Total Control,Style, Impart, Study, Limited Access. Anybody assigned to a agreement stage that features the Negotiate Authorizations agreement can totally customize agreement ranges (object for that Full Manage as well as Constrained Access permission ranges) or perhaps create brand a new one. People from the Webmasters SharePoint party are usually assigned the particular Manage Authorizations authorization, by default. 
If the Internet site offers unique read write, you are able to inherit authorizations in the parent Web site at any time. 
Crucial Acquiring read write in the parent site permanently discards all custom read write that you simply may have created on any securable object with this Web-web internet web page. Which means that many lists, rooms,folders inside those lists and also libraries, list things, as well as files misplace all their distinctive permission scenes. 
On the Web-web internet web page Steps food selection , click Web-webpage Scenes. 
NOTE In a site for that your Site Actions menu will be custom-made , point to Web-web internet web page Settings, and then click the actual scenes that you wish to see. 
1. On your website Scenes page, in the Consumers and Authorizations section, click Advanced permissions. 
NOTE If the Environments menu isn't available about the Authorizations page,your web-webpage is actually already acquiring authorizations coming via it's father or mother site. 
2. On the particular Read write page, on the Environments menus, click Agreement Levels. 
3. On the Permission Levels page, click Get Authorization Levels from the Father or mother Internet site. 
4. Click Alright to validate.

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