Information needed about Alfa Telecom Mobile App

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Hi there everyone! Can anyone provide me information about the Alfa Telecom Mobile App?

I am not really sure about what it is but I saw an advertisement of it in a tech magazine but I could not understand it clearly about what it is.

Additional information about the app is appreciable along with the answer.


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Information needed about Alfa Telecom Mobile App


This app is intended for use only for Alfa Telecom subscribers from Lebanon.

It is an app designed for the Android platform available already on Google Play.

The features of this essential app are the following:

  • Can inquire about billing statements of the subscribed mobile unit.
  • Can give latest news and updates from Alfa Telecom.
  • Has a GPS locator where you can find the different branches of the Alfa Telecom stores.
  • It has a service that lets you choose to activate or deactivate different services provided by Alfa Telecom.
  • It can reload your prepaid account without going to any store.
  • Provides other support for problems with your enrolled mobile unit or service.

This is a very good app because it minimizes the need to go to the nearest Alfa Telecom store just to inquire about their services.

Just load up the app on your Android powered phone, select your preferred service, and you’re done. The only downside with this is that it is currently only available for Android users, but versions for other platforms (Iphone, Blackberry and Nokia to name a few) are soon to be released.


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Information needed about Alfa Telecom Mobile App

qa-featured alfa telecom

Alfa Telecom has just revealed June 6,2012 its long awaited official mobile app incorporating lots of useful features for its users. According to the company, an Android version has been published  now. Versions supporting iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry will be released soon.

 It also covers important features such as:

  • Free SMS (5 per day)
  • Billing Inquiry
  • Recharge your line
  • Report coverage
  • Alfa stores and distributors locator
  • Alfa’s latest news and offers

The app is available for all Alfa subscribers(Prepaid / Postpaid / Business / Mobile Broadband) for free. The Android version requires the user to have Android 2.2 or higher for the application to work.

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Information needed about Alfa Telecom Mobile App


Alfa Telecom Mobile is a network manages by Mobile Interim Company 1 (MIC1) which is part of the Ministry of Telecommunication in the Republic of Lebanon. But on February of 2009, Alfa is managed by another telecommunication company, the Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH).

Where recently on June 2012 Alfa Telecom announces its first official claimed on mobile application associated with different advantageous account management services which entitles everyone for a new way to experience mobile browsing, latest offers and news. It consists of good and essential features suitable for everyone:

Free sms

Balance inquiry

Recharge line    

Report coverage

Alfa stores and distributors location

The app is attainable to all subscribers (Prepaid / Postpaid / Business / Mobile Broadband) for free. The mobile is already an Android version where users can download the application through Google Play. It only requires an Android 2.2 or higher application to make it work and to have a full access of this application.

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