Information about eve angel Skype

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Hi Experts,

I want to know about eve angel Skype.

I have already installed Skype but I am unable to find the eve angel Skype.

Please send me details about eve angel Skype.



Avis Duby

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Information about eve angel Skype


Hi Avis,

I can give you more details about eve angle Skype. As well as the links which I took features, has given below. Please use them to take more details. The following features are represented in this software.


1.   Supports 30 Skype trunks (Concurrent calls) on one computer.

2.   Support cascade connection of multiple computers to extend unlimited Skype trunk.

3.   Company Skype ID; add the effective voice trunk of the internet.

4.   Automatically finds an idle trunk the transfer Skype calls

5.   Delivers Skype functionality into enterprise extension system

6.   Enable customized speed-dial or OSTN match able dialing plan

7.   Allow Skype status to be shown to everyone

8.   Allow every user to export his personal Skype contacts into his private phonebook

9.   Noise reduction, echo cancelation ABD packet loss compensation techniques ensure the excellent voice quality

10. Support all countries and districts tone cadence

11. Set a dedicated phone extension to ring for Skype incoming call. Exsky-Skype exchange, PBX

You can search more details by using the following links.


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