Increasing my wireless router’s range

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I want to increase the range of my linksys wireless router.  At present, I can use the connection from the main part of my residence but I want to access it from the second floor as well.  

I'd prefer if I didn't have to purchase an extra router.  What are my other options? 

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Increasing my wireless router’s range



Hello. There are 3 options as far as I can see it. The first one a little bit harder, and requires network knowledge, you have to tear the antenna out of the router and make a bigger one. You can only use cooper. The seconds option is if you find to buy a bigger antenna that is compatible with your router, this is the easiest way, and the third option is to buy an antenna access point, this maximizes your connectivity range, but you have to set it up accordingly to your router and inter connection.

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Increasing my wireless router’s range


Hello Chase,

There are some other options you can follow.  

  1. Locate your wireless router or access point in a central location at your residence
  2. Obstructions like metal objects, thick walls will be interfering with the router's wireless signals. Therefore if you can move the router off and away from such obstructions, it will help.  
  3. If your possess a removable antenna, you can replace it and upgrade to a high-gain antenna which will focus the wireless signals in only one direction.
  4. Replace your laptop's wireless PC card-based network adapter. This may significantly extend the wireless range
  5. Add a wireless repeater where you won't be asked to do any wiring and your wireless network range will extend.
  6. Change your wireless router's channel through its configuration settings. 
  7. Update your firmware or your network adapter driver will definitely improve its coverage and performance.

Hope this info will help you!

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