Increase working memory for a desktop

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I have a desktop with onboard graphics. I do not play games or do not require 3D, but i would like to increase more RAM for my applications to run quicker.

Help would be appreciated!

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Increase working memory for a desktop



Random Access Memory (RAM) is a temporary memory. It is also called Read Write Memory. It is an initial memory of your computer.

It preserves data until saved in Hard Disk. So, there is no denying the fact that it is so much helpful for doing the task smoothly of your computer.

You can increase RAM of your computer. RAM should be compatible with your motherboard even your motherboard will decide its memory and type.

Before increasing RAM you should confirm the configuration of your motherboard. You may contact the respective motherboard originator according to your requirement. Otherwise it will not be fruitful.   

I hope you understand it.


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Increase working memory for a desktop


Every application you run on your computer, whether games or the common applications, require both the memory on your computer and the memory on your video card. Though both have the same requirement for memory, they differ in the amount of memory required for the video or the video RAM. Common applications use very little video RAM since they only use it for displaying texts and images.

But with games, they require a very high amount of video RAM depending on the game you are playing. Some games require small video RAM like the old ones but modern games have high requirement for video RAM.


Some goes as high as 1 GB and some lighter ones can work on 128 MB and very little can work on 64 MB video RAM the usual amount built-in video cards have. Improving the performance of your applications doesn’t only need increasing the amount of video RAM because not all applications require much video processing.

Video RAM is important only for applications that require video processing like games, video and music editing software, video converters, and others. If you want to improve the performance of your applications, you can do it by upgrading several components of your computer. You can start by upgrading the physical RAM of your computer by adding more RAM.


You need to consult the manual of your motherboard for this to know the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed. You should also consider upgrading your processor if you wish to upgrade the memory to the maximum amount. The maximum amount of RAM that can be installed depends on the processor. Processors have different capacities for the maximum amount of RAM they support.

To sum it up, you need to upgrade your processor first followed by the RAM to improve the performance of your applications. You cannot upgrade your RAM to the maximum if the processor cannot support it.

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