Password Incorrect Error on Itunes

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Hello friends,

I have a problem here opening my IPod files using ITunes, whenever it ask for a password, I get an error of Incorrect password. Click OK to try again, attached below the screen shot of the error.

Incorrect password. Click OK to try again.

I am wondering why I get this error message, while I am sure I typed the correct password.  I am also thinking if there any virus that will corrupt the stored password in my computer.  

Please friends help me with my confusions about the virus, and also are there any ways to retrieve my password just in case, I forgot the correct one.


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Password Incorrect Error on Itunes



This has been a common problem for Apple users.

One possible way of solving this problem is by:

1. login to your apple account using ITunes on your computer.

2. Connect the IPod to the computer and sync it with ITunes, that is already logged in to your account. This would then sync the logged in Apple account with the IPod.

If this still doesn't work, try to login some other time and if the same problem occurs, you can try to reset your password or create a new Apple account.

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Password Incorrect Error on Itunes



This is probably one of the most common issues with iTunes. All this time you’re password is working, you never changed it and all of a sudden when you try to connect to iTunes to download or do an update, it simply tells, you provided an incorrect password.

Try to login to iTunes or using a computer, with the same login information.  If you are currently using a computer, try using another computer. If for some reason the password works on the other computer, try not to change any settings or the password of your account and simply try to connect at a later time.

This is what we normally do, when we have trouble logging in to iTunes, to try it a later time.

If you have forgotten your password, you can recover or reset your account password using Apple’s iForgot Tool. You might have to do this yourself, since Apple don’t do password resets.

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Password Incorrect Error on Itunes

I found this on the Apple discussion forums. Basically suggests quitting iTunes and restarting, if that doesn't work then:
Click on your account name in the top right corner of the iTunes window. When a second window appears, asking for your password, hit "logout" instead. Then click on the "login" in the top right corner again and type in your user name and password. Then try logging in again.
If it still doesn't work, repeat the process two or three times and see if that will eventually clear the error.
Hope that helps.


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