Incompatible pixel format ‘gray16be’ for codec ‘ffv1’, auto-selecting format ‘yuv420p’

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I am trying to encode a 16-bit grayscale image to movie using FFmpeg SVN-r0.5.1-4:0.5.1-1 Ubuntu1.1. I am using FLV1 codec but the pixel format changes to YUV420. I think the codec is not compatible with the colour space and I am receiving the following error: "Incompatible pixel format 'gray16be' for codec 'ffv1', auto-selecting format 'yuv420p'" I have also tried the raw video but ended up in container compatibility issue. I couldn’t find any codec that satisfies both the colour space and container requirements.

Please help me resolve the issue.

What should I do?

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Incompatible pixel format ‘gray16be’ for codec ‘ffv1’, auto-selecting format ‘yuv420p’


To solve that problem, you will first of all need to identify if there are any options that you have set that are keeping the movie as a grayscale 16pp. You should also try to put "-pix_fmt gray16be"  after the -i input file rather than before and see if that will solve the problem.

If that does not work, then you should try using raw video as a still image sequence as follows:

ffmpeg -i newtest3.mp4 -pix_fmt gray16be -an -f image2 test%d.raw

And thereafter you will  need to it  in Photoshop and then output as a lossless png which should be able to cut down the size a lot. 

-Keegan Robb


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