In My Computer System ACL Operation Are Not Supported

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In which operating system ACL operation are not supported? Write the way to grant permission to the user.

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In My Computer System ACL Operation Are Not Supported


Linux operating system supports the ACL operation in the system, and the user can view the current ACL set on files and directories using the getfacl command. If the user uses the getfacl command, then ACL operation must be enabled in the computer; otherwise, it will throw an error ‘ACL operation are not supported.

The steps to provide acl operation to all users of a group are as follows:

If the user wants to provide write access permission for all the users of the group “testg” to the folder “test_folder”, then use the described command below:

[email protected] : /home# setfacl -m g : testg : w test_folder/

[email protected] : /home# getfacl test_folder/

# file : test_folder/

# owner : root

# group : root

user : : rwx

user : test : rwx

group : : r – x

group : testg : -w-

mask : : rwx

other : : r – x

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