Import data SQL negative BDD

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I try to import data into my database via the Loader in my base. I want to import CSV data has negative (with a "-" before the number). When I import, I have the following error message:

"Invalid character value for the specification of the case."

It seems that the system does not handle negative data, because when I took the numbers with a "-" before the import went smoothly.

Note that I'm new to SQL.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Import data SQL negative BDD


You said that you import data using CSV file and a negative value is not accepted by the import, then you must be having problems with the kind of data type that you set for that specified value.

Those dashes are accepted by the excel and should have no problem with it. It must only be with the settings. I tested what you are trying to say but I have a smooth import and there is nothing wrong with my import.

Note: If you use SQL, make sure to have a single quote for number and double quote text. This is a basic in writing SQL.

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