Implementations of the Verichip and the process

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The Verichip was discontinued from manufacturing in the year 2010 because of privacy concerns and health effects such as possible cancer.

Do they plan on bringing it back this chip in the future  with of course improvements?

What are the security measures that a person building this chip will have to implement inside the chip to prevent susceptible cloning?

Even though there maybe improvements are there any other risks and if so do the advantages outweigh the risks?

Would you consider getting this chip if they brought it back and if so or if not why?

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Implementations of the Verichip and the process


Hi Misha,

If the verichip can be designed in a matter that it does not pose health problems like cancer when is implanted in the human body, then it is fine for it to be introduced. But my view is that is should be used on people with mental disabilities who are feared to disappear and criminals who are under strict watch by the government so that they may not cause much harm or disappear.

I find no good reason why the verichip should be used on sane human being who have no bad intentions in their lives.

Before it is re-introduced also, it should be made clear that it is meant to do good so as not to generate controversies that broke up such as the 'mark of the beast'.  You can read  more about the mark of the beast controversy by accessing the following url:

Hope this helps


Lee Hung.

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