Images coming in front and dropdown menu remains behind.

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I adhere accompanied a slideshow on my website. The instant I am trying to dropdown using the dropdown menu.

But the dropdown menu remains behinds the images.

It is little urgency to me.

Please solution me to solving this problem.

Thanks all

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Images coming in front and dropdown menu remains behind.

This is a common and very annoying problem, with a gorgeously simple solution. Menu falls behind the slideshow because of the wrong z-index.
I don't know how your code looks like, so I will just give you general guidelines how to fix this.
If you are using divs on your page, make sure that  the menu's parent div has the higher z-index than a div containing the slideshow. 
Simplified, your HTML code will look like something like this:
<div style="z-index: 2;">
*menu code*
    <div style="z-index: 1;">
*slideshow code*
If you are using css for styling your page, find the menu and slideshow classes and add them z-index, like this:
.menuclassname, ul.menuclassname, li.menuclassname, … { 
color: #ccc; 
.slideshow {
z-index: -1000; 

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