Image error in Chrome but not in IE and Firefox

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Hello friends

I am trying to fix the source of an image. It works perfectly with IE and Firefox but falls in a problem when I use Chrome. The error message is as like:"Resource interpreted as image but transferred with MIME type text/html."

Please help me. Thanks a lot.

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Image error in Chrome but not in IE and Firefox




You are telling like your chrome is not working properly and the other web browser are working properly. Image are not appearing in chrome but appears properly in other web browser for this the only possible solution is:

You have to re-install the chrome but this will not sort out because whenever you uninstall and then install the chrome it shows the same problem. So the solution is to recover this problem you need to re-install your window this is my personal experience  my chrome was not working well I re-install the chrome but it was still showing the same problem then when I re-install the window then install the chrome then it started working fine. So the solution is you need to re-install the window. 

Or you need to properly uninstall the chrome first and delete the entire backup and everything then install the software again. Then hope this problem will solve the issue will over.

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