IMac G5 keeps on fading then restart again

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My problem occurred recently with my iMac G5 which up to now has not had a single setback for 5years and it has served me well. The dilemma is, the computer erratically dies momentarily and fades out to black and restarts again after a few seconds returning to the image and place it had just left when I try looking at images in Adobe Bridge and/or Photoshop and want to carry out slight adjustments.

I have plenty of hard drive space and have allocated Random-access memory (RAM) as advised in Photoshop preferences. What is likely the problem? The Mac is running on Mac OS X version 10.4.11 with a 2.1GHz processor and 1.5 GB ram.

My computer knowledge is scanty and I’d like to have suggestions on what might be the cause of all these. Is this an indication of something more severe? I really have no money for a new Mac. Please help me out.

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IMac G5 keeps on fading then restart again


The problem can’t be associated with a RAM memory insufficiency because you have a 1.5 GB RAM capacity installed on your computer and it’s more than enough to have a stable operating environment. Check your hard drive for errors using the operating system’s disk utility tool or if you have a disk utility application installed on your computer, run it instead.

Check your hard drive for possible file structure errors. To be sure that your computer is not infected with any sort of viruses, update your antivirus and then run a full system scan on your whole computer. You wouldn’t know a virus is already doing that odd thing on your computer.

If the solutions above did not help solve the problem, the last possible solution would be to format your hard drive and then install your operating system again.

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