I’m using wrong video card on my laptop

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I just bought my $1,800 HP laptop with 6G RAM, 2.0 GHZ i7 CPU, and a Radeon (TM) HD 6490M graphics card. But for some reason, when I do a system scan of my computer, all it says is that I am using the integrated HD graphics, and thus my games are hardly running.

When I go into my device manager, under the Display adapters it says that I have the HD 6490 as well as the Radeon HD Graphics. I also tried to go onto the Radeon site and update the drives but it says its  not compatible and I need to contact HP to get the mobile versions of the drivers.

Can someone please help me?

I paid $1800 for this laptop so I could run games on it, but I can hardly run anything, including older games.

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I’m using wrong video card on my laptop


Hi Margaret,

It is possible that the drivers you are using are not compatible with your computer or its operating system, but you can fix this by getting the right drivers and installing them on your computer. Just check the system specifications by right clicking on my computer, and then system properties and then Google for the display of VGA drivers for that HP laptop, state the model clearly when searching. If you find them, download them and install them.

Alternatively, you can try using the NVIDIA A drivers which are compatible on most systems. Just download them and install them, see if your problem is solved

Lee Hung

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I’m using wrong video card on my laptop



You bought a laptop computer that has been engineered and preconfigured with custom components to work with each other. These days, the chances of having a laptop component get installed at the factory that's incompatible with all other components of the compute is nil. That said, i say your computer is working as it should.

It most likely is using AMD's technology called BACON where the computer will switch between the integrated graphics processing unit and the discrete graphics card depending on the demand from the computer. This is why when you're just typing a document, the integrated graphics will be used. But when you're going to be gaming, it will switch to the HD6490M.

Thank you. Hope it helps.

Clair june

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