IM client link redirection problem

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Hi everyone. Sharing this experience. Please feel free to delete this if the moderators think this is useless.

I prefer to goggle first but actually I want to ask this. Treating web-based rouge ware problem has been solved, now another strange situation has occurred. It a problem which still left behind or not but I don’t know if it related.

I’m having two main problems which are:

1. Yahoo messenger is used. There will be pop ups after login about news, email, etc. My FF will directly opened (FF my default browser), If I click one of the news and then annoying error show up. However appearing in the browser is the contains of the link.

2. My Windows Live Mail too have the same problems happening. If I click a link, an error shows up otherwise the mail system works fine.

“There was a problem sending the command to the program” is what the error says.



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IM client link redirection problem


I think this is a clear sign that your system has been infected with an adware. This kind of malware pops up different types of messages on the screen somewhat similar to an advertisement and sometimes when you open up one of your web browsers it will go directly to a particular web site even if you didn’t made it go there.

I am also using Yahoo Messenger and that annoying pop up that contains news, and others never happened to me. Although when you login to Yahoo Messenger, another window will appear that displays Yahoo’s web site which also contains news, and everything else.

You will also see on that window the number of unread email messages that you have. Maybe this is the pop up that you are talking about.

But to make sure that your system is clean, update your antivirus then run a full system scan on your whole computer. This includes all the hard drives installed on it. Be sure to scan the folder System Volume Information because of its magnet-like effect on most Trojan worms.

This is their favorite hibernation area. This is a hidden system folder so make some changes in the Folder Options to view hidden files and folders on your Windows Explorer.

The result of the scan will determine the current status of your system. If your system is indeed infected with a malware, the best solution that I can recommend is to format your system drive and install Windows again.

If you have multiple hard drives on your CPU or if your hard drive is partitioned to several drives, format only your system drive which is drive C and leave the other drives as it is. After installing Windows, update your antivirus then run a full system scan again on your computer to make sure that the other drives are still clean.

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IM client link redirection problem


Hi Kathy,

The problem is your OS is not recognizing the file extension .exe or other file formats that you are trying to open from links of Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Mail.

You need to educate your OS regarding this new file extension which is technically called file association.

Please follow these steps:

1. Click SHIFT+CONTROL+ESC together to open task bar,

2. Now click on File Menu

3. Simultaneously hold and press Control button and click on New Task (Run…),

4. This will open Command Prompt and type this assoc.exe=exefile (i.e. assoc.fileextension=fileextensionfile) as per the image,

5. Press Enter. It’s done.

You can see the web pages now.

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