IM Chat or Yahoo Messenger for Fedora 7

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I have some difficulties that I hope one of you can help me solve them.

I have been using Linux Fedora 7 for quite some time now and it’s working very well without a glitch. I want to use Yahoo Messenger instead of other IM software because I want to use my cam as well. I have used Pidgin before but have no clue on how to use webcam together with the chat software. Don’t get me wrong. Pidgin is wonderful and all, but I really need to use webcam along with the chat software.

I remember my webcam was working quite well when I used Yahoo Messenger. It was when I was using Windows Operating System. I have tried finding a link in Yahoo Messenger website but there’s no link specified for LINUX. There’s only link for Mac, Web, Mobile, iPhone & Win.

Does anyone have the link for Fedora 7 version of Yahoo Messenger ? Or maybe the beta version or something like that ? Or maybe other IM software that can use webcam that actually runs on Linux (Fedora 7)?

I would really appreciate all of your suggestions or ideas.



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IM Chat or Yahoo Messenger for Fedora 7


Hi Kimsharpe,

There was a time when Yahoo had a messenger version for Linux. But the problem with it was it did not have webcam support. Not to be discouraged though, as I have quite a few suggestions for you to get Yahoo Messenger running in no time on your Fedora Linux install.

  • We need to do a few checks before looking at Yahoo Messenger alternatives. Your webcam has to be supported first by Linux. This site lists USB webcam devices that you can use for video conferencing. If you are one of the lucky ones with a webcam that has plug and play functionality on your Fedora, just download Cheese, an application that you can use to test the video. Once you set it up and have seen an image of yourself using the webcam on Cheese, then you are good to go.
  • There’s Gyachi/GyachE Enhanced, a Yahoo Messenger compatible application that has the ability to do video chats. I’ve set this up dozens of times on Ubuntu-based machines with a 100% percent success rate. Installing this on Fedora should pose no immediate problems. The interface though is something you have to learn, since it does not follow Yahoo Messenger’s default look. You’ll master the interface in no time, given its simplicity and function.
  • Kopete, on the other hand, although supporting video chats via webcams has one big issue: no voice chat support. It should be available on the repository via “Yum” Fedora’s package manager installer.
  • Look out for Meebo It supports Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, AIM, ICQ, and Jabber with webcam video and audio chatting via Tokbox. It runs off any web browser, so it should not be difficult to setup as long as the webcam can be detected by Linux.
  • A personal favorite of mine is Skype for Linux which has great support for the Linux operating system. I’ve used it for video chats on single user and video conferencing for multiple users and it’s as perfect as the version for Windows. You may want to try it out in lieu of Yahoo Messenger.
  • Something to watch out for is Empathy, a multi-protocol chat client that claims it has support for Gtalk, MSN, IRC, AIM, Facebook, ICQ, QQ, and Yahoo!, although when I tried it personally, video chat was only working for Gtalk and MSN. Development on the project is on-going so it means that in the near future we may see it finally working on Yahoo.
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IM Chat or Yahoo Messenger for Fedora 7



Instead of wasting time trying to fix Yahoo Messenger in a Linux OS, try GYachI (GYache Improved). GYachI is Yahoo! client made for Linux OS. With GYachI, you would be able to use almost all the available features (like voice chat, webcams, audible, and more) that can be found in a Windows Yahoo! client.

Aside from GYachI, an Instant Messenger for Linux OS is Empathy which is the default instant messaging program for Fedora. This instant messaging program supports Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, Gtalk and other instant messaging programs. For you to start using Empathy, you would just have to select the “Applications menu”, click on “Internet” and click on “Empathy IM Client”

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