Illegal Circular Use error in Lotus Notes latest version.

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I am working with some database files in Lotus Notes with the latest updates of Lotus Notes installed. I am experiencing a problem when I try to email the files to some people. The error appears that "Illegal Circular Use : DocExp Processing". How can I fix the error? Is it some problem with the database files that I am trying to send?

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Illegal Circular Use error in Lotus Notes latest version.


Temporarily, since you cannot send your files via Lotus Notes, try sending them using a different email client like Microsoft Office Outlook. You can also send them via webmail like Yahoo!, Google Mail, Fast Mail, and others. Actually, this error doesn’t only happen when sending or attaching files to your message.

The error “Error: ‘Illegal circular USE: DocExpProcessing’” can also occur when opening an email or probably switching to a view or folder. You can also experience it at different unanticipated times but it normally happens when you are changing to a private view or folder. This error happens because the designs of the private view or views and or folder or folders are still based on Notes/Lotus Domino mail template.

The problem is, the design of the actual mail file itself has been reverted or changed back to an earlier mail template. It is also possible that there are several protected and customized design elements where the DocExpProcessing script library is engaged. The DocExpProcessing is a script library in the IBM Mail Template and stock mail template.

To fix it, for private folders, you can use the Upgrade Folder Design agent. To do this, in the mail file, select Action, and then click Upgrade Folder Design. After that, select either Automatic or Manual. In case you select Manual, you need to select the folders that you want to reset the design according to the design of the Inbox.

After this, you need to exit and reopen the database. For private views, unfortunately the Upgrade Folder Design agent doesn’t work. In this case, please refer to IBM Lotus Notes Document 1084954. You need to copy the actions manually from another view/folder. You can also use a custom agent that has the following function: @UpdateViewDesign("viewname" ; "($Inbox)").

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