IIS is not running as the default web server

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I’m trying to install Vault using IIS. I keep on receiving the error that “IIS is not running as the default web browser”.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Vault.

No use.

What all things I tried:

1. I checked and turned off the UAC (User Account control) option.
2. Ran regedit and deleted HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAutodeskPLM
3. I had Autodesk Vault Test ASP.Net. I have completely uninstalled it.

Techies, please help me with a different solution.

Error: IIS is not running as the default web server

Thanks in advance,


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IIS is not running as the default web server


Hi Faye,

Follow the following procedure to help solve the problem:

– On your computer, go to the control panel

– While there click classic view then administrative tools

– Then double-click on internet information services

– Check all the services that are under internet information services

Finished that, go to your browser and type localhost and press enter. You should see IIS running now.



Lee Hung

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IIS is not running as the default web server


Hello faye,

I was searching for a reliable answer for this question, but no answer seems to be a solution. So many people have tried in so many ways. The problem is only the error message is pops up with a string, “IIS is not running as the default web server”. So I searched for its log file. It shows that there are so many services which are not running. So I think if we run it manually it would not show any error message any more. I talked about this with a local expert and he told me the same thing. If after that the IIS shows the same error than we must have to take authorities advice.

Alerter                                            : Stopped             
Application Management                             : Stopped             
Autodesk Licensing Service                         : Stopped 
Indexing Service                                   : Stopped             
ClipBook                                           : Stopped  
Fax Service                                        : Stopped             
Flexlm Service 1                                   : Stopped 

Like this above services there are so many other services was stopped. So run those manually from the services.

Thank you,

Riley weaver


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