IE’s compatibility and Chrome’s speed in one

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I’ve just heard that Maxthon is a freeware that delivers IE’s compatibility and Chrome’s speed in one browser.

Does anyone have idea about the browsing interface of this freeware?

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IE’s compatibility and Chrome’s speed in one



Maxthon 3.3..8.3000- This is a super tabbed browser. This is almost the same as Internet Explorer browsing but Maxthon has more cool features. You can design your own Maxthon in terms of colors, skins and even layout.

You can also change the icons, toolbars and even menus. It also can display IE trident or Webkit that is also use in Safari and chrome for better performance. It also opens with a Quick Access display with large icon for most visited sites.

This is also free of malware, spyware and viruses. The download file size is only 23.54 MB and it can run with all Windows version. This is an easy to use browser. You can browse anything in this browser.The browsing speed is also as fast as Google chrome browser.

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IE’s compatibility and Chrome’s speed in one


Yes, I’ve also used that before but I’ve shifted back to Opera because Opera is much faster when opening websites even if the user is only on Intel Pentium 4 processor. Maxthon is kind of slow when used on older processors like Intel Pentium 4 and earlier. Currently, I have many web browsers installed on my computer but I rarely use some of them.

I have Microsoft Internet Explorer which already comes with Windows, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon, and Opera. The one I always use is Opera because it is the fastest among the rest. I only installed the other browsers so I can check them immediately when someone asks me or when I responded to a question that needs checking the browser.

The best thing about Maxthon that’s why I installed it back is its “Snap” feature. With this function, you can take a snapshot of an entire page no matter how long it is or maybe only a portion of it and save it as PNG, JPG, or BMP file. I like this option because it can capture an entire page perfectly even if it is very long.

In Opera, I have a plug-in that works very similar to Maxthon’s Snap. But the problem is it cannot capture all websites like what Maxthon does. Maxthon has Maxthon Passport. With Maxthon Passport, you can synchronize your plug-ins, passwords, bookmarks, shortcuts, and more. So when you install Maxthon on a new computer, all your synchronized items will be restored back to your web browser.

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