IDM can’t connect to

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I have been downloading my needed items with IDM (Internet Download Manager 5.17) for quite a while now when all of a sudden, I can no longer download anything! Instead. I get this error message:

The Internet Connection not found. Please check your Internet Connection.


Cannot download this file.

Cannot connect to

Find below possible reasons for this error:

1. The Internet Connection not found. Please check your Internet Connection.

2. You have a firewall application on your computer, and you have just installed, replaced or updated your current version of Internet Download Manager. Please check your firewall settings and ensure that IDM has permission to access the Internet.

3. A service that finds servers on the Internet called Domain Name Service (DNS) has temporary problems, or the network connection between DNS and your computer gets broken. It's possible that you need to reboot your computer.

I am currently using the McAfee Enterprise Edition and the windows firewall on my computer is also disabled. What should be done to solve this problem? 


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IDM can’t connect to


Hi Xycastilloi,

I think you are having trouble with the internet download manager.

First you have to do is to update your internet download manager to the latest. Just if this is a common bug means the IDM guys must have repaired it and put on an update to their IDM app.

Still it continues to mean try reinstalling the IDM. First try downloading a fresh IDM from the net like from and then try to open it and click on the repair if still it sustains means then uninstall it then open this for a fresh installation.

If still you have this problem means uninstall it and use DAP, download accelerator plus, it is a similar application like this. I have personally used the boat, I recommend IDM but in case you have trouble with it means try the DAP.

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