Ideas about overcoming anxiety tatto

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Hi everybody, Any type of help concerning overcoming anxiety tatto is welcome .

Thank you in advance.

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Ideas about overcoming anxiety tatto



Hi Olivia,

Tattoo can mean something for an individual. Some use it to boost up their confidence and some use it to overcome anxieties just like yours.

What you need to do is think of something like a word or a symbol that makes you at ease and comfortable. Something that inspires you a lot and makes you feel light.

Perhaps you can use some phrases too like “just breathe”, “rise above” or just the word “breathe”. You can use of these words too like Freedom and/or Power.

For symbolisms, you can try a cocoon which represents the pursuance for freedom or a wing that will help you get free.

I hope this will help you and am also hoping you get over with your anxiety.




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Ideas about overcoming anxiety tatto


Hello Olivia.Bha.

In General , I am not supported to have tatto .

I think you are not convenient too , Because you have concernes .

So At first you have to think again and ask your self  " Why do I need a tatto ?"

If you find good reasons , you will have tatto without concernc .

I hope that help you.



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