Ideas about how add ports in sagemcom 1704 to play online game

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I have the Wireless Router Sagem 1704 and I use it to play games online.

However, one of my ps3 games requires the opening of working ports such as TCP:80, 18805 and UDP:53, 10000.

Can I have the suggestion about how add ports in sagemcom 1704?

I have tried to logg in to windstream but it showed there is no area to take me to router settings.

Please, help, because have no idea where to get the router settings!

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Ideas about how add ports in sagemcom 1704 to play online game


Hello Jojy,

You will first need to access the router settings by logging into the router, on your browser type OR http://myrouter. .

This gets you to a login page, if you have not changed the login credentials use the default ones, which are user name=admin on the user name field and again admin on the password field. 

User name=admin


Click OK to validate, then click on the advanced setup menu then NAT then PORT TRIGGERING then click ADD to add new ports.

Check the custom application box to specify your own application, then:

• Enter the name of your own application.
• Fill in the Trigger Port Start, Trigger Port End, Open Port Start, Open Port End and protocol field

Save and Apply the changes.


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