Ideal connection speed to navigate

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I am living in a household where all the members have a computer. We use the Internet a lot especially for video streaming and for watching TV online.

I  wanted to know what the ideal connection speed for us would be, so we can navigate the Internet efficiently. I hope you can help me.


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Ideal connection speed to navigate


Hi Tessandore,

Your available bandwidth must be sufficient enough to support the bandwidth required in your watching site. The download speed of your connection should be consistent,  because bandwidth take all the bandwidth it needs to open the file, this is just like downloading, if your bandwidth supports video streaming then you can't encounter problems on it. If you are using normal connection or commonly known as ADSL you can't expect 100% connection will be okay, due to it's shared connection from your telco providers. 

Routers also important factor to speed up internet connection, make sure you have a fastest router install on your network. Router sends signals or data along the network from LAN to WAN to ISP network. This is also like a computer with processor inside. You should test your bandwidth using just to check the performance on your internet if it reach to the plan you availing, because most of the TELCO. providers can't deliver what they promise. For example: you applied 1MB connection, during the speed test it only reach maximum of 800kbps. You should update your bandwidth time to time so that you can file a complain.      

With regards to your ideal speed, you can apply 1Mbps internet connection, that would be enough for your requirement.




Kesh Minogue 


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Ideal connection speed to navigate


Video streaming and watching TV online plus a couple of wireless and wired connections need faster Internet speed. You need to have enough bandwidth to accommodate all data information needed for all those devices connected.

The advisable Internet speed when all devices are using all at once is at around 10 Mbps up to 20 Mbps. The more internet speed you subscribed then the more you enjoy all the benefits you can get.

With faster Internet speed can run as fast as 30 Mbps will let you video stream online and watch TV at the same time. The video won't buffer and the TV won't lag down and most importantly, the wireless and wired connection won't be interrupted.

Add to that, if you are also using digital phone, then you really need the faster Internet speed. Road Runner Internet has this type of service that you will going to enjoy.

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