Idea About Operating System Projects For My Credits.

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I am in final year of my graduation program, and I need some interesting operating system projects ideas for good credits. Can anybody help me for a break-through?

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Idea About Operating System Projects For My Credits.


There are a plethora of operating system projects available out there. I will tell you about some of the interesting projects that I find productive. Hope, they will augment your credibility.

  1. Aegis/ Exo-Kernel: They are developed micro-kernels and export a VM which can multiplex resources from mutually incompatible apps.
  2. AEON: It is based on an interest of applications in their OS.
  3. BDS/OS: It is an OS based on UNIX which is used commercially.
  4. Cache Kernel: It caches OS objects as conventional hardware memory.
  5. Fox: It is aspired to evolve the art of design and implementation of a programming language.
  6. HURD, ITRON, KeyKOS, Lynx, Mach, QNX, SPACE, X-kernel, etc.

You can research about them and opt the best that suits you.

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