I want to transfer my domain and hosting

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I purchased a domain from a company. One of my friends says, the domain is not purchased in my company name. He advised me to transfer the domain and hosting from Buyer Company to our company.

I contact our Buyer Company and they tell me its not possible to transfer the domain. They quote a technical issue as their reason.

Is it possible to transfer domain & hosting?

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I want to transfer my domain and hosting


Sounds like you bought the domain but when you signed the contract, the domain stayed in the company's possession.  To begin a transfer, the domain needs to be in your name. The contact information needs to be up to date and you cannot be filing for bankruptcy.  

The domain MUST be active and it must be registered for more than 60 days. If the domain is locked, inactive, in the process of being deleted, or redeemed it cannot be transferred. It also cannot be transferred, if it happens to be involved in a legal dispute.  You need to find out exactly what those technical issues are, so you can work around them.  If it delays with time then wait and be patient. if it is the contact information that is  not up to date, then that needs to be sorted, etc. 

You need to put in an application to transfer domain and there should be an option in your website for you to do that.  Once the application goes to the registrar, they will contact you via email.   Your current domain administrator needs to accept the transfer.  If they do not accept the transfer, then the registrar assumes the transfer has been rejected.  The transfer when successful will take about 10 days.  The cost will also vary. 

Now, if your friend is telling you that the domain is not in your company name, then it sounds like you have to update your information and since it appears new, wait for it to be active for 60 days.  Easy Peasy.

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