I want to practice chess on my PC

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Hello techyv.com!

I'm actually a chess fan and I want to learn more about chess versus an AI.

My computer is Windows 7 and I have played lots of chess games in the internet but I can't seem to have learned a lot.

My friend told me to play chess delphi, but its for sale.

So does chess delphi coding worth the price?

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I want to practice chess on my PC


Hi, Playing chess against AI is pretty much the same as playing against a human opponent. The only difference is playing against AI is much harder. When coding the game the programmers may choose to use the styles of Grandmasters for the AI to execute.

This means when you play against the computer, you are in fact playing against a GM. Most chess games however have difficulty levels. You choose the one which suits you best. And as to whether chess delphi coding would help you get better at playing chess I don't think it will.

To get better you just have to go it the traditional ways:

1. Play against better players online.

2. Learn their style and apply it.

3. Enter a tournament once your good enough and see how you fare.

4. Get back and test your skills against the computer.

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I want to practice chess on my PC



Chess like any sport has to be practiced in order to be perfected. As thus playing with other opponents is a way of practicing, to elaborate further; for you to practice a skill you need to learn it first.

Now to answer your question, yes you can learn from playing against an AI. One thing you have to understand about the AI is that they are programmed to play in a certain way; they are programmed using copied moves from past games by Grand masters, as thus they play precisely.

My advice to you would be to download chess books online, some are free, and begin practicing using them first, as you gradually learn the basics you then practice what you have learned against opponents of your strength. Playing against stronger opponents although good for you, is initially will advised-the aim is to build your confidence and knowledge one step at a time. Gradually increase the strength of your opponents as your knowledge base increases. Ultimately you will reach the level were you can trade analysis with the computer and understand why it is playing the way it is.

As for how to choose opponents, start playing online as you are doing, the online playing sites have player ratings which will most of the time play you against opponents of your level. As your game improves, so will your ratings, hence you will get to play stronger opponents. Remember the trick is to study the chess theory and try implementing it practicing.

This will most definitely improve your chess play.

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