I want to make use but wondering about squid bandwidth graph

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I just had this idea to download this squid caching software over the web even though I have just limited knowledge about it.

I just have some questions that need clarification I guess.

Does this perform bandwidth graphing or may I likewise call it a squid bandwidth graph?

Since I just know that squid is a web caching for bandwidth optimization but I don't think it is stated there that it does bandwidth graphing.

And is squid a system software?

How to install it if its?

Sorry for a newbie question,

I hope to be getting some expert about this.

Thank you.

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I want to make use but wondering about squid bandwidth graph


Hello Kristopher,

Squid is a HTTP/1.0 Proxy that was recently upgraded to HTTP/1.1 proxy. It allows you access control, authorization and logging to enable you to design web proxy and content serving applications.
It was created and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribute Sharealike 2.5 License, which basically means that you are free to share and make changes to the source code. For more information on licensing, Click here.
Sadly, Squid won't graph your bandwidth for you. However, if you are still interested in installing it, you will find the instructions below.
1. Download the source code here. You may also be required to download this binary package, depending on the system you run.
2. You may want to purchase a fast disk or a SATA hard disk. Your processor speed doesn’t really matter. You need some 32 MB of RAM for each GB of disk space.
3. Once you have downloaded the binary package or the source code, use this command: “% make install” (without the quotation marks). 
4. For ICMP enabled machines, type: 
% su
# make install-pinger
You may now edit the SquidFaq/ConfiguringSquid in order to customize the way you want it to run.
Have a good one.

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